Dow© Replacement Diaphragms

GIE Inc. now offers quality replacement valve body diaphragms for use in Dow®/Resistoflex® style diaphragm valves

Designed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications of fit, form and function, these diaphragms are completely interchangeable. Diaphragms are competitively priced and are in stock, available for immediate shipment.
Diaphragms are available in sizes 1/2″ thru 12″ in the following materials.
Dow© Replacement Diaphragms

1″ Teflon (PTFE) faced EPDM

Dow© Replacement Diaphragms

1 1/2″ Neoprene

Dow© Replacement Diaphragms

2″ Hypalon

Dow© Replacement Diaphragms


Dow© Replacement Diaphragms

4″ Viton

Dow© Replacement Diaphragms

6″ Teflon (PTFE) faced EPDM


EPDM1/2″ through 12″-30 F to 300 F
Neoprene1/2″ through 12″-20 F to 200 F
Hypalon*1/2″ through 12″0 F to 225 F
Natural Rubber1/2″ through 12″-20 F to 200 F
Chlorobutyl1/2″ through 12″-20 F to 265 F
Buna N1/2″ through 12″-5 F to 212 F
Viton*1/2″ through 12″0 F to 300 F
Teflon* (PTFE) faced EPDM1/2″ through 12″-20 F to 300 F

Note: Most GIE, Inc. Valve Bodies and Bonnet Assemblies are also directly interchangeable with Dow®/Resistoflex® valve bodies and bonnet assemblies.* Teflon, Viton and Hypalon are registered E.I. DuPont

Dow© Replacement Diaphragms

The unsurpassed performance and dependability of GIE, Inc. valves are the culmination of up-to-date technical know-how combined with its modern automated system of production, which is the latest in the valve industry today.

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